Eternal Rewards, pt. 3

Every believer is called to be a builder. Every believer is called to be a manager. Every believer is called to be a marathoner. How are we to understand these spiritual analogies? How do they relate to eternal rewards?

Eternal Rewards, pt. 2

As followers of Jesus we make choices everyday. Will we: choose to obey or stray? Will we seek first His kingdom or not? Will we regularly invest in eternal treasure or not? Will we consistently serve Jesus and others or not? What we as believers chose to do now matters forever! Scripture tells us: choose wisely.

Eternal Rewards, part 1

There is a great discipleship secret that exists in many corners of the Christian community. It is the prospect of eternal rewards for followers of Jesus. Can rewards be won or lost? The biblical truth about rewards is far too often a forgotten, neglected, unexplored truth. What does the Bible have to say about eternal rewards? You may be surprised!