Elijah–Ordinary to Extraordinary ~ Message 6 “Payday is Coming” 1 Kings 21:1-29

Sometime in life every one of us will become aware of injustice. Maybe we ourselves are mistreated or become a victim of a crime. Maybe we observe someone else being on the receiving end of violence, hostility, or grossly unfair actions. The Bible clearly teaches that payday is coming. We see this illustrated for us in 1 Kings 21. At the same time, there is hope for everyone, even those who are initiators of injustice.

Tough Times: Finding Perspective in the Midst of Suffering ~ message 4

Life in the central plains of the US is a world of thunderstorms. When you live here you learn that severe storms can pop up quickly. The same principle is true of Tough Times. Unforeseen adversity might pop up tomorrow, or next month, without warning. When Tough Times hit us full force they can knock the breath out of us--leave us gasping for emotional oxygen. What are some the the resources God has provided for us?

Tough Times: Finding Perspective in the Face of Suffering ~ message 3

If you've ever had your electrical power go out at night due to a storm, the first thing we look for is a flashlight to help orient us and give us direction. Scripture is like that. When a dark storm comes in our life, God's Word is a light that can orient us and give us direction in the midst of the storm. In Scripture we have several revealed answers to why? God allows Tough Times in our life.